Andrea E. Henry

Specialization: Tax and Business Law
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Andrea Henry is a partner of Vox Law LLP. Ms. Henry has significant

experience advising businesses at all stages of their existence, from start-up

to exit, with a focus on tax efficient business structuring.


She is also a passionate advocate for businesses and individuals who have

been audited and/or reasssesed by the Canadian Revenue Agency at the

Tax Court and Federal Court.


Andrea can provide advice and representation in both official languages

and is a sought after speaker on various business and tax law topics.



  • 2016 – LL.M. (Specialisation in Business and Tax Law), Osgoode Hall Law School, expected completion
  • 2010 – Legal Education Certificate, Hugh Wooding Law School
  • 2006 – M.A, University of Cambridge
  • 2005 – Certificate of Accreditation, National Committee on Accreditation
  • 2003 – B.A. University of Cambridge
  • 2003 – Maîtrise en Droit, Université de Paris II (Panthéon-Assas)



Practice Areas

“The power to tax involves the power to destroy.” This statement by the fourth Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court John Marshall will ring true with anyone who has had the misfortune of being audited or reassesed by the CRA. Here at Vox Law LLP, we have seen what can happen when CRA brings its full power against defenceless taxpayers and we want to level the playing field.

Business Advisory Services

The best defence is a good offence. Tax lawyers can be endlessly creative and propose any number of schemes that should work but are likely to draw the CRA’s attention. Because you’re running a business, not a law school, we can advise you on how to structure your business and transactions so as to be tax-efficient without raising red flags at CRA.

Voluntary Disclosure

Up at 3 a.m. worrying that CRA will find out about undisclosed income or assets? Voluntary disclosure allows you to come clean without penalties or interest.

Collections and Bankruptcy

If CRA has placed a lien on your property, garnishing wages or causing your line of credit to be called in, bankruptcy may seem inevitable but there are other ways out of this.

Notices of Objection

Your first step after receiving a Notice of Assessment with which you disagree is not to panic but to file a Notice of Objection. This is a time sensitive and important document which will form the basis of your objection.

Tax Court Services

In the event that the Notice of Objection has not persuaded CRA to your position or the audit has resulted in a negative determination, we can help you appeal the assessment or determination to the Tax Court of Canada and represent you at the hearing.

Taxpayer Relief

Interest and penalties higher than the principal you owe? You are the not the only taxpayer in that position. We can help seek taxpayer relief for these discretionary matters and file judicial review if the request is unsuccessful at CRA level.

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